Neon Dreamcatcher

Neon Dreamcatcher

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Custom order your very own neon dream. These sculptures shine in homes, galleries, and stores around the world.

Natural elements are collected by hand in Virginia Beach and New York. The centerpiece includes a feather, stick, and crystal. Thin strips of plexi-glass are strung between the leather to pick up light from the neon ring. The color of the plexi corresponds to the neon so it carries the color and light throughout the piece. Each feather is wrapped and attached to strips of soft genuine leather.

Dreamcatchers are made to order so please allow a three week turn around. Detailed instructions for installation are included. I also fill orders in Los Angeles every few months so feel free to contact me for the next available time. Average shipping cost in US is around $150 due to the size. 

Measures approximately:

SMALL 2.5ft tall and has a 10inch diameter neon ring ($500)

MEDIUM 3.5ft tall with a 14inch diameter neon ring ($750)

LARGE 4.5ft tall with an 18inch diameter neon ring ($995)

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