photo by Kate Danson

photo by Kate Danson

Third Eye is a collection of work from New York artist Savannah King. Each piece is made by hand with love and intention. It’s is all about expressing spirit and empowering souls to connect with their magic. 

Savannah is a metalsmith and teacher at The Jewelry Arts Institute in Manhattan, where she completed an apprenticeship focusing on ancient and classical gold smithing techniques. Her jewelry channels energy and symbolism from past cultures while honoring the power and beauty of the stones incorporated. She often works with her clients to create personal talismans and one of a kind pieces. Select jewelry available at the Soho Veda store in New York and WMN Space in Los Angeles.

The natural dye line started as a collaboration with The Reformation and soon took on a life of it’s own. Savannah has done custom dye work for many companies over the years, including Fleur Wood, Diesel, Young Love, and The Reformation. Savannah offers special one night workshops on natural dye and binding techniques in Brooklyn and Los Angeles throughout the year so be sure to join the mailing list for future happenings. Third Eye garments and home goods are all dyed by hand using natural EarthHues pigments. 

Savannah’s neon light sculptures hang in homes, stores, and galleries around the world. Each neon dreamcatcher is made to order with hand collected natural elements. Feel free to contact with custom order requests and let the light shine in.

The New Moon Circle Journal is a project close to Savannah’s heart. After joining Paula Mallis and Danielle Beinstein in their monthly women’s circle, Savannah was honored to create illustrations for the journal. “May this journal be a window into your own unfolding and an opportunity to share your joys and sorrows in a heartfelt, loving, and compassionate circle of your own making.”